Wedding Video & Photo

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Actual video from previous weddings.

  • We offer full service videography and photography services. 
  • We can provide up to 2 experienced videographer/photographers for your event.
  • We utilize a 2-3 camera setup whenever possible and always shoot in Full HD resolution (UHD 4K when requested) 
  • We also offer unique Aerial footage and HD Live streaming world-wide of your special day
  • We have an awesome photobooth option add-on.
  • Our most popular video choice is our 15-20 minute extended Highlight Video.  These capture all the passion and excitement of your wedding along with the Vows and a majority of the Speeches.  We use all the original audio when possible, and only over custom music in small areas where needed.
  • Our Cinematic highlight videos tend to run 4-5 minutes in length and include a custom sound track overlayed on the video and are provided to you via a link on Vimeo
  • Our full length documentary style video runs between 30-60 minutes depending on the amount of footage taken, for this we try to use all the original audio and we provide this on a USB stick.